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Paul McDonald- Modern Hearts(Deluxe Edition)

On 1 October 2021, Paul McDonald will release an expanded deluxe edition of his 2018 solo album ‘Modern Hearts’ worldwide through Vacancy Records which features two additional, previously unreleased tracks ‘Just A Matter Of Time’ and ‘Bright Lights’. The album was produced by Jordan Lehnning [Caitlin Rose, Rodney Crowell, Andrew Combs]. Paul joins his good friend Ashley Campbell on the Vacancy roster, the label is based out of Glasgow and, whilst you don’t have to have an historic Scottish clan surname to sign with them, it clearly helps. The first single from the album will be ‘How Long?’ which will be released on 10 September when the album will also be made available for pre-order.

Paul McDonald’s voice is immediately recognizable and impossible to ignore. He pulls off the rare feat of being a proper songwriter, compelling performer, and a powerful vocalist. Often compared to legends like Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty, the poetic story-driven narratives and deeply catchy hooks in his music are delivered by a raspy yet refined voice reminiscent of another era yet that demands to be heard right now.

Paul McDonald has packed plenty into his personal history already. “Making this record, it saved my life,” he told Billboard. “It got me through some dark stuff”. He also co-wrote and performed on the song ‘All I’ve Ever Needed’ which featured on the soundtrack to ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt 2’ OST and has over 6m plays on Spotify.

Paul released his solo debut ‘Modern Hearts’ in 2018 which introduced a more alt-pop approach and brought him widespread exposure through tours across the U.S. and placements in major motion pictures, commercials, with cuts on other major artist records. He has made television appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC’s Parenthood, and The Tonight Show and his various bands have appeared in publications including Rolling Stone, Billboard, Yahoo, and American Songwriter.

He was already known for his work as a member of Hightide Blues and the Grand Magnolias and, when he is able once again to hit the road in support of ‘Modern Hearts’, he’ll likely be fronting a nine piece band with some serious chops.

The ‘Modern Hearts’ album is a result of years of personal experiences, good and bad, and of working with a range of musicians and producers and finally arriving upon that sweet spot. This may be a ‘break up’ album, but it bursts with serious hooks and anthems; desperation is tempered with introspection and, ultimately, redemption. Paul McDonald summed it up, “Darkness is a beautiful gift. It introduced me to new layers of myself and gave me a brand new perspective, but I'm happy to be out of it. The light feels pretty good these days.”

Born in Huntsville, AL and currently living in East Nashville, TN, Paul McDonald’s hope is to spread peace, love, and unity through his music. He's a creative force that won’t stop until everyone not only has heard his message but is a true believer.



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